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The Dorothy L Sayers Society Archives

Digitising the Archives

Our Archive collection was started in 1976, in days when (photo)copying was in a less advanced state than nowadays. As a consequence some of our material is in a condition which needs attention and it is our aim to conserve certain parts of the archive electronically during the next few years.

This process requires us to look carefully at the copyright implications relating to the United Kingdom, and we have obtained permission from the representatives of Dorothy L Sayers Estate (Anthony Fleming deceased) to proceed with digitising and making copies available to members for private study and research under certain conditions. From now on, therefore, we are changing the way in which members obtain copies of items from the Archives.

The procedure is now that members must fill in and sign an application form and pay for copying and postage in advance. The form is available by post from the Archivist or it can be downloaded here, and must be returned, signed, by post.

This of course, applies only to items on the Archives list and not to Sidelights, Proceedings or any of the other Society Publications, the price of which, together with postage, will be announced in appropriate Bulletins.