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Technical FAQ

Browser compatibility:

This site is designed to work well with any browser, including those on tablets and other mobile devices, and we endeavour to ensure good compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen readers for the visually impaired.

For best results, please ensure you have the latest updated version of your chosen browser. Most of this site will still work with older versions, but you may encounter minor problems, and (more importantly) older browsers may have significant security issues.

You must ensure that your chosen browser fully supports the published standard for Cascading Style Sheets − this is not usually a problem nowadays.

JavaScript is not required. The only exception is some versions of Microsoft IE, which need JavaScript to work around a fault in their handling of CSS.


Some areas of our web site, typically those which are open to members only or which involve online payments, use cookies to maintain a “session”. You may choose to configure your browser to reject the cookies, but you will then not be able to use those areas of the web site. Other areas of the web site (typically those available to the general public) will continue to work normally.

Our cookies never contain any personally identifiable information: for more details, see the Cookies section of our Privacy policy.

To comply with EU Regulations, we are obliged to show you a warning message about our use of cookies when you first visit our site. If you reject cookies, the warning will continue to appear, since the mechanism we use to hide the message itself uses cookies.