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Other sites related to Dorothy L Sayers

There are lots of other sites out there on the Net that have some connection with DLS, or which are of general interest to members, so we’ve collected them together here. Some of these sites are full of other links, too – let us know if you spot any that are particularly relevant to Sayers, and we’ll add them to this page.

Email your suggestions to webmaster@sayers.org.uk. Please also let us know if you find that any of these links are broken.

Disclaimer: the inclusion of a resource in this list doesn’t imply any approval of its contents by the Dorothy L Sayers Society. Some of these sites are hosted on shared web servers which may present you with banners or pop-up windows advertising goods or services which have no connection with the subject matter of the site itself. You are advised to disable JavaScript before visiting any sites you do not trust. See also our legal page.

Dorothy L Sayers – her life and works
The Marion E Wade Center:
The main repository of much of DLS’ correspondence and unpublished work, and the home of the journal SEVEN.
Home site of Barbara Reynolds, co-translator with DLS of Dante’s Divine Comedy and editor of several collections of DLS’ letters.
Jill Paton Walsh’s home site, including of course a page about Thrones, Dominations.
An email discussion group dedicated to Lord Peter Wimsey. Maintained on http://groups.yahoo.com/.
An email discussion group dedicated to Sayers’ non-mystery works. Maintained on http://groups.yahoo.com/.
Dorothy L Sayers message board
A message board dedicated to Sayers. Maintained on http://www.catharton.com/
Christ Church Cathedral School, where DLS’ father was headmaster.
St Mary’s, Bluntisham-cum-Earith, where DLS’s father was Rector, launched an appeal in 2003 to realise Henry Sayers’ dream of restoring and re-hanging the bells for full-circle ringing. The Society took a leading role, and on New Year’s Eve 2004 the first peal on the restored bells was rung - appropriately, this was Kent Treble Bob Major, the method featured in The Nine Tailors.
Kirkcudbright – one of DLS’ favourite holiday destinations, and the setting of Five Red Herrings.
Home page of Jane Gibson, the Society’s Artist in Residence. Jane has produced a number of Sayers-related items, which are on sale at Society events or by mail order.
The Greengate in Kirkcudbright, well known to Sayers and the inspiration for the “Bluedoor”, and the former home of the Scottish Artists Jessie M King and E A Taylor. Now offers bed and breakfast!
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.
The main official body representing the interests of the pastime that formed the core of The Nine Tailors.
Campanophile – The Ringers’ Resource.
A web site run by enthusiasts, carrying bellringing-related news from around the country, including a very comprehensive listing of peals and quarters rung – with some entries going back to the year 1805!
http://www.cavityofdepravity.com/ (main site) and http://cdbaby.com/cd/mindnectar (non-US sales)
The Cavity of Depravity: an interactive CD-ROM based on DLS’s translation of Dante’s Inferno.
RADIUS, the Religious Drama Society of Great Britain, of which Dorothy L Sayers was vice-president in the 1950s.
The BBC brought us The Man Born to be King, and commissioned the TV serialisations of the novels. BBC Radio 4, and more recently the digital radio station BBC 7, have maintained the tradition of presenting quality classical drama, including many adaptations of Sayers novels. Much of the BBC’s output is now available worldwide over the Internet, both live and through their “Listen Again” and “podcast” services.
A personal blog by Wimsey fan Isabel Fincham.
Online texts

Warning: because of the international nature of the Internet, you may sometimes come across “e-texts” which are illegal for you to duplicate, but yet might have been legal in the country where they were entered. In particular, note that all of Dorothy L Sayers’ works are still protected by copyright in all countries signatory to the Berne Convention until at least 2007, and in many countries (including those in the EC) 2027 or later. The inclusion of a link here does not necessarily mean you are legally permitted to use the document referred to.

OP. I:
DLS’s first published book of poetry. This is part of the Celebration of Women Writers site listed below.
A transcription of The Greatest Drama Ever Told
Christian Classics Ethereal Library:
On-line copies of many Christian writings, including Catholic Tales and Christian Songs by DLS.
The Online Books Page
A good collection of links to on-line books.
Related Authors and General Mystery Collections
http://www.cluelass.com/ and http://www.deadlyserious.com/
The ClueLass Home Page and Deadly Directory:
an excellent resource with loads of links and information. It is now database-driven, with search facilities.
The Mysterious Homepage (now hosted by ClueLass.com):
a very good site with hundreds of links (the Society is listed under “Mystery Organizations”).
Mystery and Detective Fiction Sites:
A simple but extensive site with many links. Many of the links are actually to other sites with lists of links.
Bastulli Mystery Library:
a new site providing “info, bibliography, reviews and links on mainly women mystery writers but also a few men”. Includes a good page on DLS listing her mystery novels with brief synopses (no spoilers – just tasters!).
The Online Mystery Network:
another site full of everything you can think of to do with mysteries.
Another mystery site, consisting of special sections on Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen.
http://www.paris.fr/en/Studying/Libraries/eng_bib_bil.asp (or more details, including a link to the online catalogue, in French)
Bibliothèque des Littératures Policières (BiLiPo):
A large collection of French and other detective novels and a centre for research.
The Strand Magazine:
A real paper magazine (annual subscription US$34.95) including short stories, interviews, articles and book reviews. They also have an online shop for the purchase of books and tapes, including a large number of Wimsey audiobooks.
Tangled Web UK: Crime and Mystery Journal.
(this is a very graphical site – not for slow connections!)
Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection:
a collection of essays on most pre-1960 mystery authors, including DLS, of course.
A Celebration of Women Writers:
A massive collection of links about women writers from all over the world.
Detective Fiction Index.
An annotated bibliography of Golden Age mystery authors, including Sayers, with brief plot summaries.
Catharton authors directory:
Basic facts about many authors (links, bibliography, etc), including DLS of course.
A general discussion group for mysteries on Usenet.
DOROTHYL: A general discussion group, this time on email.
Another email discussion group on mystery books. Maintained on http://groups.yahoo.com/.
An email discussion group on women detectives. Maintained on http://groups.yahoo.com/.
C.S. Lewis Links Page and Exhaustive Bibliography.
C S Lewis and the Inklings Home Page.
C.S. Lewis Society of California. Their web site has an extensive collection of links to relevant articles and resources.
G K Chesterton: An impressive site, including many of Chesterton’s works in electronic form.
The German Inklings Society.
Margery Allingham: The official web site of the Margery Allingham Society.
Charles Williams: The official web site of the Charles Williams Society.
The Official Agatha Christie site. Includes biography, bibliography, stories, and information about the Agatha Christie Society.
The Christie Mystery: Unravelling The Secrets of Her Phenomenal Success. This website is focused on exploring Agatha Christie's style and methods, the plot devices that she uses to trick the reader, as well as her work itself.
Something Rhymed.
A blog about the similarities, collaborations and friendships of women writers. The entry for April 2015 examines the links between Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie.
Online bookshops and Publishers
Famous Oxford bookshop, well known to DLS, now with branches around the country. They have an online bookshop.
Family-run chain of shops in Cambridge, with an online bookshop too. Now owned by Blackwells, but retains some of its own distinctive character.
http://www.amazon.com/ and http://www.amazon.co.uk/
An excellent Internet bookshop which sells pretty much everything!
Choices Direct: an online video, DVD and audio tape shop.
A mystery bookshop which will sell books over the Net.
The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association. The trade body to which most British antiquarian and second-hand booksellers are affiliated. Includes a comprehensive list of members with contact details. Now going international.
International Book Collectors Association.
IBCADealers Webring
A “web ring” of 80+ international book dealers, sponsored by the International Book Collectors Association.
A bookshop of bookshops: collections of selected items from various UK bookshops. Includes search and online purchase facilities.
Daeron’s Books: a second-hand book dealer, with particular collections of books by the SEVEN and the Inklings.
St Martin’s Press: Major US publisher, who have published and/or distributed many DLS-related books.
Acorn Media Publishing: the current holder of the distribution rights for the Ian Carmichael series of Wimsey videos in North America. The UK subsidiary distributes PAL format videos for Europe.
Audiobooks.com: audio book specialist.
AudioBooks Online: another audio book specialist. (NB: some pages are very large!)
Bromlea & Jonkers Rare Books. An antiquarian bookshop, with online searching and ordering. Of particular note are a number of items from DLS’ own library.
Decklin’s Domain Classic Audiobooks. Full unabridged audiobooks in MP3 CD format (ie. compressed onto a single CD). No Sayers titles yet, but several Conan Doyle ones.
Mystery Guild Book Club (USA only). Discount mystery books including murder mysteries, detective fiction, thriller books, crime novels and true crime books from best selling mystery authors.
Books Direct. Guide to a selection of UK Book Clubs.
eBay store specialising in books by the Inklings (including Dorothy L Sayers of course). US-based, but worldwide shipping is available.
Brainfood Audiobooks. Distributor of audiobooks, including many which have been discontinued by the original publishers.
Other useful links
Visit this Essex Libraries website for suggestions on what to read next. Share your love of Dorothy L Sayers by writing your own reviews of her works and posting them on the website.
"The writing resource site for writers of all abilities" – news stories updated weekly, focussing on the UK and Ireland.
Page ONE: a literary newsletter and web site for writers.
The Women’s Library (formerly the Fawcett Library), a department of London Guildhall University: a comprehensive research library on all aspects of women in society, with both historical and contemporary coverage. The emphasis is on Britain, but many other countries are represented, especially the Commonwealth and the Third World.
The British Library: they have recently improved their online searching facilities, and the main book catalogue is now available free at http://blpc.bl.uk/
The Library of Congress: provides several different catalogues, all free. The main catalogue is at http://catalog.loc.gov/, and there are many other tools (including searches for online texts) at http://lcweb.loc.gov/rr/tools.html
The National Film Theatre: runs occasional film seasons which are of interest to Sayers fans.
Lion Heart Autographs, New York. Catalogues and sells autograph documents by famous people.
NonfictionReviews.com. Reviews of non-fiction books, including Conundrums for the Long Weekend, an Edgar Award-winning book published in November 2000 about Dorothy L Sayers, her life and times.