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The Dorothy L Sayers Society is proud to announce the publication of

The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion

A New Edition Completely Revised and Incorporating
Thrones, Dominations,
Papers Relating to the Family of Wimsey,
An Account of Lord Mortimer Wimsey, The Hermit of the Wash
and The Wimsey Papers.

Compiled and Edited by Stephan P Clarke
Published by the Dorothy L Sayers Society, England.

ISBN 0-9518000-8-6, 776pp, 246 illustrations
Date of publication: 30th December 2002
RRP: £31.50 / US$46.95

Front cover

Sample page - click to see larger In this revised and expanded edition, Stephan P Clarke gives admirers of Dorothy L Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey a brimming measure of new information and insight.

In the years since the First Edition was published in 1985, the number of entries has increased from 7,509 to 9,819, with 11,853 cross-references in the index.

The Second Edition also includes 246 photos, illustrations, maps and diagrams, as well as calendars covering the years of the Wimsey canon.

This work has been achieved by the dedication and perseverance of Steve Clarke, helped by many willing volunteers, most particularly by Susan Curtis, who has done all the work in preparing the final book for the printers.

Jill Paton Walsh, co-author with Dorothy L Sayers of Thrones, Dominations and A Presumption of Death, writes:
"Lord Peter Wimsey and his circle move across the pages of the novels by Dorothy L Sayers in a snowstorm of references to the times he lived in and to the treasure house of learning he shared with his author. As common knowledge of the world before WWII sinks out of memory, and as Lord Peter lives on and has more and more numerous admirers, a guide is more necessary than ever. With this hugely learned and amusing companion, Lord Peter's fans will be able to track his quicksilver thoughts and richly complex context as nimbly as he himself could track and crack crimes. An immense task is ably accomplished in an indispensible volume that will delight and enlighten every reader of the Wimsey corpus, from the newest convert to the most devoted addict."

About the editor

Stephan Clarke is a retired high school English teacher and a long-time member of the Dorothy L Sayers Society. His other published works include papers delivered before the New York State English Council, the New York State Council for the Social Studies, and New York State Education Department Writer's Conference, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Dorothy L Sayers Society. Also, Stephan has published journal articles in the United States and Britain, and a textbook, Crimes and Clues, that uses mystery and detective fiction as a means to teach logical thinking and critical reading and writing. Stephan is the recipient of the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Allen Poe Special Award for the first edition of The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion, and was recognised by the University of Rochester's Graduate School of Education and Human Development for Excellence in Secondary Teaching. Other than Lord Peter Wimsey stories, Stephan's interests include genealogy, photography and travel.

Obtaining a copy

The Companion has proved so popular and successful a work that supplies have now run out. Although you may still find some copies in bookshops and on the second-hand market, direct retail sales are now no longer available. Sorry!