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SEVEN: An Anglo-American Literary Review

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Back Issues available

(out of print)
  • The Latin Letters of C S Lewis to Don Giovanni Calabria − Martin Moynihan
  • The Defiant Lyricism of Owen Barfield − Thomas Kranidas
  • The Fiction of George MacDonald − David S Robb
  • Dorothy L Sayers: Critic of Detective Fiction − Ralph E Hone
  • An Introduction to Charles Williams's Incarnationalism and the Taliessin Poetry − John-Manuel Andriote
  • The Silmarillion and the Rise of Evil: the Birth Pains of Middle-Earth − Thomas M Egan
  • Review Article: 'I Wrote It Just For Fun' − Barbara Reynolds
(out of print)
  • George MacDonald: A Portrait from His Letters − Rolland Hein
  • Being Somebody Else: Smith's 'Sympathy' and Chesterton's 'Secret' − Norbert Waszek
  • Provocative Generalisations: The Allegory of Love in Retrospect − Margaret P Hannay
  • The Polemic Image: The Role of Metaphor and Symbol in the Fiction of C S Lewis − Kath Filmer
  • Appeasing the Gods in C S Lewis's Till We Have Faces − Peter W Macky
  • Tolkien's Concept of Philology as Mythology − J S Ryan
  • Dorothy L Sayers and the Proper Work of the Playwright − George Ralph
  • Playwrights Are Not Evangelists − Dorothy L Sayers
  • Writing a Local Play − Dorothy L Sayers
  • Review Article: Scientism and the Flight from reality − Geoffrey Price
  • Review Article: Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc − Aidan Mackey

Out of Print Issues

Volumes 6 and 7 are now out of print, but photocopied reproductions bound in clear plastic with a black spine are available (same price).

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